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נהג/ת סיורים

Abraham Tours


Avraham's marketing department is looking for a Webmaster!
מה צריך לעשות
  • Ongoing management of the Company's eCommerce sites and overall responsibility for the activity of the sites, both in terms of image and merchandise
  • Handling all stages of the customer's journey through online purchasing, from bringing traffic to sites, through the content presented to them, and optimizing the conversion panel for sale
  • Providing service on the company's sites to the various units in the organization
  • Leading development projects, supplier management (programmers, content writers, designers, SEO and PPC), content updating, writing characterization documents, site version management, QA and analysis
מה צריך שיהיה לך
  • 2 years of experience in eCommerce (International / Tourism field - Big Plus) Experience working on WordPress
  • Fluent in both English and Hebrew
  • High technological understanding
  • Very good familiarity with Google analytics, Excel and understanding in UX / UI.
  • Ability to work independently, self-motivation, responsible & thinking outside the box
  • Good interpersonal relations with service orientation, multi-interface work experience, project management experience and writing of characterization documents

העבודה מתאימה מאוד למי שרוצה להכיר מבפנים את עולם הטיולים והתיירות בארץ באחת החברות המובילות בתחום!
לדעתך את/ה מתאימ/ה?, שגר/י אלינו קורות חיים!

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